Renovation Financing Available for Tucson Area Home Purchases

Tucson area homes offer an incomparable lifestyle at prices that will suit any budget. There are many fantasitic homes for sale in the greater-Tucson, Arizona area. Most folks take a home loan to purchase property.  There are loans that offer 100% financing, FHA, VA, Portfolio (privately held), Conventional and Jumbo loans.  All have slightly different parameters.  Currently, renovation loans are available that allow a home buyer to purchase a fixer-upper or dated property, and bring it up to 2018 standards with one loan and one closing!  This opens many doors for those interesed in Tucson, AZ area properties. 

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Take an older, classic property or a newer property that needs contemporization and make it your own!  Renovation loans offer a home buyer the ability to do this work based on an after-completion appriasal.  They also offer many home seller's the ability to sell their home without updating it as folks now have the ability to buy it and fix it up. Buyers/borrowers will receive funds to remake their home after closing on the purchase.  The extra money to do work on the home comes from the lender.  The dollar amount of fix-up money comes from an after-completion appraisal. One does not need to have the cash to remodel their home purchase.  Please contact me at any time to hep you find that super-cool property for sale that perfectly suits your needs and wants; with a little TLC funded by your mortgagee. 



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Tucson, Arizona and it's surrounding communities have properties that date back quite a awile.  Tucson, Arizona was founded in 1775.  It's grown into a dynamic community full of culture, respect for the old, and a welcoming of the new.  Tucson sits in a valley surrounded by verdant mountains which rise to over 9000 ft.  The Sonoran desert in the valley is truly unique and beautiful. Our famous Saguaro Cactus grows only in the SW and Northern Mexico.  The incredible diversity of plant and animal life is a real treat. Tucson offers great employment opportunities, The Univesity of Arizona and it's medical center, a lively downtown, and surrounding communities that are lovely suburban areas.  

The types of homes available in Tucson, AZ vary quite a bit.  Whether one's looking for classic, modern, contemporary, or something more specific it's available.  Various communites have varied vibes.  This is great!  The folks in Tucson are warm and welcoming. 

Whether it's a primary residence, second home, or investment property, the greater Tucson-area has much to offer.

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Please don't hesitate to contact me at 520-248-1239/ to discuss Tucson-area real estate.


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