Top 7 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

HGTV and other home makeover shows have gained popularity because people like to see what new designs and styles are trending. But it can be hard to keep track of the most current styles and differentiate what is sustainable versus what is simply a fad.

Not to worry! In this post, we will describe 7 top interior design trends in 2018 that are likely to have long-term staying power. Even better, we’ll explain how to implement these in your own home (and how much it might cost you).

Interior Design Trends Home Owners 2018


Vibrant Colors

It’s time to step out of your comfy robe of neutral colors and let your creative side show. Gone are the days of playing things safe by choosing varying shades of beige to decorate your home. In 2018, the rules have changed and just about anything goes. In fact, even the word beige has gotten a makeover—greige anyone? (Psst, it’s a blend of beige and gray) Just keep in mind, it’s not just about what color but also how you use it.

There are tons of ways you can tastefully incorporate bold reds, strong blues and vibrant greens to your room. If you already have a colorful wall to be the focal point of your room, that’s a good starting place. If not, you can either work with what you have or add a fresh color to uplift the mood of the room. Next add a rug, throw pillow, and blanket with similar color tones and arrange them tastefully throughout the room – now you’re tapping into your sense of style and one of today’s interior design trends!

In general, painting a single wall and adding a few matching accessories that complement it is a relatively low-risk concept that can provide great rewards. All it takes is to buy a gallon of paint (get a free in-store consultation if possible), a few throw pillows, an area rug, and a matching chair, and you can transform your room into something that brings personality and style to your home, with a small budget of less than $500.

Vintage Accessories

We live in an amazing time where old is new again and vintage artifacts blend a beautiful aesthetic quality with the allure of a one-of-a-kind piece. Each age-old accessory tells a story, and when you combine it with your modern decor, you create a new eclectic feel that will help bring two visions together.

Interior Design Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories are easily acquired through social media sites, eBay, Craigslist and even “old school” antique shops. Do your research to find what inspires you. Choose an old timepiece, furniture, artwork or knick-knack. Insert one item or create a collection. The trend says just about anything goes, so decide what era you connect with and start searching. Prices can vary greatly depending on the size, authenticity and rarity of your find.


This popular trend isn’t really new and never seems to go out of style. Upcycling—aka reusing an old, worn-out item and transforming them into completely unique and new piece—is an amazing way to give new life to an old item.

There are unlimited possibilities and ideas on blogs and sites like Pintrest that are designed to unleash your creative side, solve a problem by creating what you need, and utilizing a smaller environmental footprint through upcycling instead of trashing it. Turn an old armoire into a pantry closet, or a coffee table into a bench—the cost is often quite reasonable and the final results are priceless.

Wide-Plank and Light-Hued Woods

Interior Design Hardwood

Wood floors have been a preferred component in old and new homes for years, and it’s a trend that designers expect to continue for the foreseeable future. A distinctive change has been the popularity of wider planks. Using 5-7 inch wide planks or a random-width installation gives the room a rustic, vintage charm not seen with narrow-width hardwoods.

Another variation is the use of light-hued woods instead of dark, ebony styles. Whether you use reclaimed pine, bamboo or engineered wood, consider selecting color tones in gray, taupe, white or off-white for a long-lasting, desirable flooring option.

Keep in mind that wider boards will cost more than narrow ones due to the size of tree needed to produce prime lumber pieces. You can often find them for $12 to $15 per square foot—about double the cost of traditional planks.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets

As the most-used room in the house, interior design trends in the kitchen provide the most impact. Two-toned kitchen cabinets have been gaining ground with all age groups in recent years. The days of “matching” everything are gone and have made room for interesting, aesthetically pleasing combinations.

To create this look with a budget-friendly DIY-project, first pick a focal point of the room. An island can work well with its position in the center of the room to add a dramatic feel to an otherwise neutral palette. Paint base cabinets a vivid color that coordinates the backsplash, the floor or other room elements.

Anytime you have two distinctive styles in a room, it’s important to tie the two designs together. Continuity within the same color palette or using the same hardware throughout the room will help balance the space and calm the chaos.

Mixed Metallics

Interior Design Mixed Metallics

Create an interesting look for your kitchen by mixing things up with eye-catching metal surfaces. While all the old rules of maintaining uniformity with metal finishes are no longer an issue, you can get the most impact by using both warm and cool finishes. Stick with 1-2 cool shades like polished chrome or stainless steel and 1-2 warm ones like copper and gold to avoid overwhelming the space.

This update can be easily and inexpensively accomplished by changing out your faucet, cabinet hardware and lighting. For a few hundred dollars more you can pull in additional metal touches in a backsplash, open shelving, and decor items like copper pots and pans.

Textured Wallcoverings


Even though wallpaper has been making a comeback since 2015, you can be sure it is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. New textured finishes, geometric patterns and bold color schemes on a wall or two will create visual interest without overshadowing the balance of the room.

Choose a metallic wallpaper to add a reflective quality to make small rooms appear larger. Install a color-coordinating wallpaper behind shelving to tie the room decor together. Use under glass-top tables to create a unique look with very little cost. Want to creat a one-of-a-kind design?  Make your own digital print custom wallpaper or mural. The online ordering process is pretty simple—choose from hundreds of pre-made styles, select your wallpaper material plus wall size, and place your order. Most services take about two weeks for delivery. Prices depend on size and finish and can range anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot.

The Final Word

Interior design fads come and go but these trends will provide a distinctive look that should last for years. There’s no need to incorporate all these ideas into your home, but choosing a couple things like vibrant colors, vintage accessories, upcycling, wide-plank and light-hued woods, two-toned kitchen cabinets, mixed metallics, or textured wallcoverings can give your home a unique flair that is just plain fun.


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