Dunbar/Spring Homes, Historic, Culturally Diverse Tucson Neighborhood

Tucson, Arizona is a unique place to live, work, and recreate.  Dunbar/Spring is one of the great Tucson, Arizona neighborhoods with fantastic properties for sale. If you'd like a home in Tucson that's close to downtown, and full of character, you must check out Dunbar/Spring.  Dunbar/Spring is a recognized Historic District, and therefore enjoys extraordinarily low tax rates.  It's a very culturally diverse neighborhood that's close to everything Tucson, Arizona has to offer.

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Dunbar/Spring has risen from the ashes like a Phoneix.  Gentrifcatioin has occured throughout the neighborhood and continues to occur while keeping the "feel" of the neighborhood.  Dunbar/Spring takes it's name from John Spring, one of Tucson's first teachers, and Paul Dunbar, an African-American poet.  

Centered near The University of Arizona, University Medical Center, theatres, restaurants, nightlife, recreation areas, bike paths, gardens, and places of worship, Dunbar/Springs offers it all.  Dunbar/Springs is surrounded by other Historic Districts each with their own distinct character. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time for more information and/or to discuss any real estate related questions you may have.  Evenings and weekends are fine.  520-248-1239 / grichman@RichmanTucsonHomes.com




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